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PridePay FAQs

What is PridePay?

PridePay allows you to securely pay at the pump with your smartphone, while saving 10¢ /gal and Earning 2¢/gal on every gallon of gas.

Can I keep using my Savings and Rewards card?

Yes, your Savings and Rewards cards will continue to function in the same way that they always have.

How do I sign up?

If you already have an active Savings Card:

Search for “Pride Stores” in your app store, download and install. You will find “PridePay” within the Pride App. – Then select “Edit profile” to set up for the first time. You will need your Savings and Rewards cards so you can set up your account. If the numbers on your cards have worn off, please call the Pride Help Desk to for assistance at (413) 737 – 6992.

If you DO NOT have a payment method set up:

Enroll online by visiting www.paymentcard.com/secure/retailers/pridemobile/ to set up your payment method. You will then need to download the “Pride Stores” app. (No physical card required) Please make note of the “card” number assigned to you during the enrollment process. It will be the “Saving card” number you use in your app. - - Once enrolled, if you would like to add an actual Pride Savings card to your account, just pick one up at any Pride and call National Payment Card (NPC) at (877) 403-222. NPC will add this card to your payment method account.

Where do I get the PridePay app?

Search for “Pride Stores” in your app store, download and install. You will find “PridePay” within the Pride Stores App.

Is PridePay safe to use?

Yes, PridePay is PIN protected. You also receive an email confirmation with each use.

Can I still redeem my Rewards balance at the pump using PridePay?

Yes, just select the "pay with Rewards" as your payment option on your PridePay app.

How do I activate my card?

Within 1-3 business days after you enroll your card, our processor National Payment Card, will make a small test deposit and withdrawal of a few cents to verify your information. You will need to verify those amounts online at www.PrideVerify.com, or by phone at 877-403-2222.

I already have a bank debit card, why can't I receive a discount when I use that?

We pay very high fees to the banks and credit card companies any time a credit card or bank debit card is swiped. Since this is our own card, we don’t have to pay those fees; which means that we can pass the savings along to you!

Why is my driver's license information needed?

PridePay and Savings debit card transactions are no different than writing a check for payment and being asked to show your driver license as an ID. It is used only to verify your identity as a participant in the program.

I set up my Pride app. How do I use it at the pump?

Simply scan the QR code at the pump and follow the prompts on your phone. For more detailed instructions, feel free to download a brochure.